Friday, January 6, 2012

Hunter Gatherer #10

Hurry don't miss out on the GIVE AWAY, I'll be announcing the WINNER soon!

Wow, time share what we have been hunting and gathering.  I finally have some lovelies to share.  Thanks to my bestie, we went shopping Tuesday. 

I can't help myself, I had to put the mannequin by the clock!  I just love the clock, I think I would take family photos with it!  lol  No REALLY.   The hunted item is actually the mannequin.  I got it for a steal at HomeGoods of all stores.  It's not shabby and old, but for the price worth it.  Her name is Jezebel.

Check out the huge mirror I scored!  Love itI  I love mirrors, I'm some what of a mirror whore, and really love GOLD!  

I totally fell in love with this little table/book rack.  It needs a paint job and has to live in the garage until we move.  I swear one day there will be a new(er) house...I haven't given up hope.  Hubby will be home soon and he said we could go house hunting!

 Party On Friends, Show me your fun finds, or Christmas presents! 

1.  I would LOVE it if you became a FRIEND of my blog, it'll make it easier for you to find the party.

2.  If you would like, you can link back to the party, I have a button for this too, but don't sweat it.
3.  Please link as much of anything you want, no limit.  Etsy shops and Give Aways too

I'm partying over at Stylish Once Again!


Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR said...

Hi Tammy! Thanks for hosting this awesome party! Can't wait to see all of the great finds!

Drama Mama Lori said...

From one "mirror whore" to another (love it!) I just linked up! Thanks for hosting!!! - Lori

The Painted Parlor said...

a 'mirror whore' that's pretty funny. your new manequin is awesome :)


Ann said...

What great finds! I love the mannequin. I would love for you to share at Restyled Sundays party going on now.


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