Sunday, May 1, 2011

Stamps on Sale! Coffee mugs in my near future.

I went to Joann's today and their stamps are 30% off right now!  Love me a sale!

So what am I gonna do with them?
Remember these great coffee mugs from Homeroad?

I want to make something very similar to these, my bottle drying rack is lonely!  It needs some body to hang out with, literally!

Here are some stamps I got yesterday at Michael's, they weren't on sale. 

Susan said buy the brand of ink, so I did!  I want this project to turn out.

I  know you are asking yourself, what's the the flamingos?  Well, my little girl asked me to buy her the Pamingo stamp, and I couldn't resist her.  I know I'm weak. 

Tell me who could resist this face?  Last night she got into my make up and but 'eye shadow' on her lips.  She was like, 'is this lip gloss?'  Um NO!  LOL  She's to stinking cute.

Now all I have to do is find some cute mugs and I'll get another post up showing you what I made! 
Thanks for stopping by! xx


Designed by Chance said...

Can't wait to see what you do. I love stamps they are so fun.

Homeroad said...

Have fun with it Tammy! Thank you for linking to me, I'm sure yours will turn out great! I love the stamps you bought especially the one with the big French Stamp... where did you find that one?!
Love the drying rack idea too. I have to get one of those babies!
Have a great day!
Susan @ homeroad

Sarah B. said...

She's irresistible - no wonder you got the flamingo stamp too! I think the stamped mug project looks AWESOME :)


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