Monday, May 2, 2011

Parade of Homes 2011

Hi, I'm Tammy, welcome to my home.  I'm so excited to be participating in this years Parade of Homes.
I want to thank Toni from A Bowl Full of Lemons for hosting this wonderful event and for allowing me to particiapate!  Thank you, Toni!

  Prepare for photo overload, I think I was a little over zealous!

Please, c'mon in. 

Mine is the unit on the left.
 Home Sweet Home

Front Patio, work in progress.
This is my living/family room.  Yes, I live in a duplex so all of my rooms must multi-task.  It's pretty good sized at 1800 sq. ft. but I fear I'm running out of space.

The ottoman is a repurposed coffee table that has had foam added and a slipcover.

I love lots of pillows and even made a few myself.

The t.v. stand and buffet both started out as hutches.  The topiary trees, moss covered 'R' and tin door where all made by me.

My mantel is one of my favorite areas in my home.  I love glass, mirrors and birds.  I originally made the paper tree for Christmas, but it was too pretty to put away.

The barn photos are works of my Dad, he's a photographer, comes in handy.  Of course I fear photography skills skipped a generation!

I'm addicted to pillows and anything to do with the hunt.  I have plates waiting for me to find the perfect plate rack. 

Moving right along into the dining room.

This room has had a huge transformation this year. 

 I love these framed pillow panels and my lamp, yep I even frame pillows!

One of these days I will actually finish the chairs I bought for this room, the table got an overhaul right before Christmas, but I haven't done much since then.

This hutch is one of my favorite pieces in the house.

The kitchen has gotten a lot of love lately, apparently I'm addicted to chickens, and vintage items.  You can't enough little stools either, they come in handy for the kiddos.

I really wish I had  room for more wooden dough bowl and signs,  

This area is by the garage door.  We use it to hang coats and backpacks, we even have a basket for the kids shoes.  I would kill for a mud room. 

I took this shot as I was coming in the garage door, I love these chickens.  See I told you I had a thing for chickens.

This area is right outside our half bath.  Love the horse weather vane and old window.

Need to powder your nose?  Well, here is the powder room. 

Okay, so that was the down stairs, lets head upstairs.

First stop is my loft/office, I'm here most of my free time.  This room makes me very happy, just wish it had a door.  I took this at the top of the stairs.  My little landing.

If you turn around this is the view.  The shutters and plates were some of my favorite projects to do.

I love this room, even as I was preparing this post for the Parade of Homes, I made changes.

These trunks are to great finds, and they look so at home in the office.
Some close ups of my art and misc collections.

This desk was a great craigslist find, the monitor stand is stool, see I told you couldn't have to many stools.  The candle holders were another fun project, this room has a lot of 'me' in it.

My kids bathroom is one of my favorite color schemes.  I'm really loving gray,yellow and white together.

The button bouquet is so cute. 

These are the kid's initials.  I thought a personal touch in here would be nice.

What do you do when you can't find the right shower curtain?  You stencil one!

Connor's room, May the Force be with You!  Yep the boy is a Star Wars freak!  Drop cloth curtains are perfect for a boys room.

You can't have a Star Wars room without a ton of art.

Lauren's room is fit or a princess, and trust me she thinks she is one!  I have to admit, I wish I had her room when I was little.  The butterfly was a gift from a fellow blogger.  The desk was another craigslist find, as was most of my home.

I love the curtains, I found them at target.

The blanket was a shower gift, I hope she always has it as a keepsake.

All of these dresses she wore as a baby.  Yep one is missing, it's on a baby doll some where.

The master bedroom is still needing some work, I look around and there's so much I still want to do in this room.  When are you done?  This is the entrance to my room.

This was taken standing in the doorway.  I'm very lucky to have such a large room,wish the kid's rooms where bigger.

Just another angle. 

This china hutch holds all my craft supplies, see all my rooms do double duty.  Master bedroom/craft room!  The chairs were one of my best craigslist finds ever!  I won't even tell you how much I paid for them, I dang near stole them!

I had these signs made, they will go in the craft room in the next house, I love the saying.

Yet another angle, I'm standing near the craft hutch.

The chairs name is Gladys, fits don't ya think?

I call this piece Georgia, do you name any of your furniture?

I just love the shiny black furniture, and I only had to paint them twice!

That is the door to the bedroom, so now you've see they whole room.  What do you think of my tree hands?  The kids helped me make them.

Last up, Master Bathroom.  Believe it or not, I've never done a post on this room?  Crazy?

I tried to get every angle, the room is pretty good sized, but it was still hard to photography.  The lack of windows doesn't help, that what I get for living in a duplex.  I want windows in all my bathrooms in the next house.

I should do a tutorial on these, they were a lot of fun to make.

His side.

Her side.

Okay, so if you made it through, Thank You!  I know it was the longest post in the history of the world.

Next up...

Mary's Meanderings

If you are just showing up for the Parade of Homes you can begin here at A Bowl Full of Lemons.


Anonymous said...

Love the cute little ruffle cover you have on your coffee table!

Great tour!

I am # 15 but noticed the door graphic doesn't have the link attached to it. I didn't know how link the graphic but Toni told me how.
To add a "button"... upload the picture file to your post, then click on the picture and make sure it stays highlighted then click on link, then add the tour post address to the link area, then hit save. Let me know if it works!

Have fun with all your new friends who will travel through the doors of your pretty home this week!

bee blessed

Anonymous said...

Wow, Tammy! I don't think I've ever seen all the rooms of your home. Your house just oozes creativity and style. I , too, love the ruffled cover on your ottoman/coffee table. Love all your pillows, also. You've really made your house a home.

Connie the crafterbug said...

I love all the colors in your home. It looks so beautiful and cozy!

Jackie Koll said...

I enjoyed looking at your photos - i felt like your home was very "real". Something that I might do. (SOme of them have looked beautiful but so much like a showroom that I wondered if people lived in them!) Thanks for sharing!

♥ Miss Tea said...

whoaa! i love peeking inside people's homes (creepy i know) but i really love it coz it inspires me and your home is so lovely! i love your touches in every nook and cranny, and we all never get enough pillows! gorgeous decorations and it's so tidy! thanks for the virtual tour, tammy!


keri said...

Wow Tammy, you have a lovely home and great taste. I love all your groupings and I want that clock in the kitchen (and a few other things too). thanks for the tour. beautiful. Keri

Jenn @ Peas and Crayons said...

LOVE THE STAR WARS ART!!!! omg!! awesome! haha im such a nerd ;)

Lovely home! I wish mine was finished!!! <3

Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

Rosario said...

Love every detail in your decor.

Hyphen Interiors said...

So fun to peek inside your home!

Cheryl said...

Lovely home and you have so much of your personality as well as your family members in it. Love that.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Tammy, I'm a Tammy, too! Thanks for sharing your home. You certainly have a lot of space, and like me, you like to fill it to the brim. Have a great weekend. Best wishes, T


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