Monday, May 16, 2011

Meet Fishtail Cottage Week 3

Hi there, I’ve been asked by Tammy at Type A to be a guest blogger!  I feel so honored that she would want me to share with you about my blog.

Fishtail Cottage

I started my blog last November at the encouragement of Dore Callaway.  I purchased some items from her Etsy Store for my family room and we became fast friends.  I shared with her my garden pictures and she told me to just “try & see if you like it”.  Well that was the beginning of a new way of life for me! I have met some of the nicest people that have inspired me to just be me! Seeing ideas that others have come up with and creating something to make my own. 


Since November I have enjoyed special touches around my home I may have never done had I not started to blog.  I’ve rearranged furniture from other blogger suggestions, purchased some pieces for home because someone out there kindly shared where they purchased it, given my try at being crafty gifts with paper and now I am going to attempt to makeover a few pieces of furniture because  of what you all share in your tutorials.

 541  022_thumb5

I cannot believe that almost 500 people have become a follower on my blog. I adore all the sweet comments and words of encouragement from others and truly feel like I have made great friends that are almost soul sisters/brothers. We seem to love the same things, adore the sweet critters God put on this planet, find beauty in the simple finds here on earth…I don’t ever feel inadequate or competitive here in blogland because everyone has been so sweet to me. Okay, there was one…but, I made peace with it & moved on very quickly!




I cannot say my blog is just about one subject…I’ve learned to share everything in my home and garden. No I don’t share my personal life, because I like to keep my blog a place to escape to. I’ve included room makeovers/changes, favorite shopping places both locally and online. My holiday décor I have displayed, heirloom collections, Crafts I have ‘attempted’, My sweet pets that we have in our home, Linky Parties I join , Recently I added items for sale. My favorite part of my blog though is hosting a Linky Party on Thursday’s for all of us Gardeners to link up to – to share photo’s, wisdom, tutorials, newest outdoor project etc.  I really enjoy peeking around at others gardens to be inspired.  I love meeting new people who share the same interests as this!

[049[3].jpg]Cottage Flora Thursday button091

Thanks so much Tammy for inviting me to be a guest blogger on Type A today. I look forward to meeting new friends through you! oxox, Tracie.

Tracie, Thank you so much for being a guest here today!  What a wonderful blog you have, I'm so glad I found you!  Would you guys have know this was her first guest post?  Nope, she's a pro, can't wait to have you back!!!


Angie said...

LOVE that little cabinet!!

Fishtail Cottage said...

Thanks for featuring me Tammy! Excited to meet some new blogger friends! xoxo, tracie

Unknown said...

Love the crate to hold magazines!

Burlap Luxe said...

Hi Tammy,
Nice to meet you and your place of inspiration!!
Tracie mentioned to me that she was featured over here and that she mentioned me :)
I cannot say enough about this girl she is a doll! and I love calling her a friend :)

This is a beautiful post!


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