Monday, May 9, 2011

Scooby Doo Where Are You, Lauren's 4th Birthday Party!!!

Daphne would like to invite you to

Lauren's 4th Birthday!

Aren't these the cutest invitations ever?

Lauren's Birthday was May 6th, but her party was Saturday May 7th.  You know how it goes, have to have the party when folks can show up!  I can't believe she is four years old!  Where does the time go?

Cheeseburger cupcakes with Scooby Toppers.

Cheeseburger ice cream cake.

Root beer float ice cream cake. 

Happy Birthday banner.

Scary mansion.

Close up of the banner.

Not complete with out the birthday girls name!

Scooby balloons and presents. 

Goody bags filled with Scooby snacks and Scooby and Daphne cookies.

Aren't these great cookies?  They were pretty tasty too!

Balloons for all the guests.

Daphne herself!  Talk about striking a pose!

With her big brother.  :)

Oh Brudder!

Having fun with friends.

LOVE this picture. 

Crafts for the girls.

Lauren's masterpiece.

Some of her presents.
The coolest pillow cover on the planet!

Daphne at home in Lauren's room.

Every Scooby Fan's Dream!  Barbie as the Gang!

She's been begging for a DS, so against my better judgement she got one a year early. 

I think she was pretty happy to get a DS, don't ya think?

The sweetest necklace ever made by Mallory at Charmed.

Yep, I think she likes it!

Thanks for stopping by Lauren's 4th Birthday!!!


Donnie said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to Lauren. Looks like you all had a wonderful party and she certainly makes a great Daphne. Hugs, Donnie

I'm having to post under DJ's name because the blogger makes me do

Jenn @ Peas and Crayons said...

awwwww happy birthday lauren aka daphne!!!! <3 You did a fabulous job with her party! ahhh so super cute! <3

Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

Vivian said...

What a FUN party...that cake was awesome! Did you make it????

Handy Man, Crafty Woman said...

so, so cute!! How creative, love those little cheeseburgers!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Lauren! You really know how to throw a party. That root beer float cake is the most creative one I've seen! Lauren is such a cutie patootie! Hope you had a nice Mother's Day, Tammy!
Catch up soon. I've been a little MIA, lately! :D

Designed by Chance said...

What a fabulous party! the whole theme and and the fun bits you included. Very cool. She is a lucky little birthday girl.

Connie the crafterbug said...

Tammy! You are amazing! This is so creative! Your daughter makes a perfect Daphne.

♥ Miss Tea said...

awww Happy Birthday sweet Lauren! loveeee kids' party! and the scooby theme is awesome! delicioua and cute ice cream cakes, adorable gifts and goodie bags, there's even a craft gifts too! so lucky she's got DS and that big daphne pillow and other cute things, she looks sooo happy there and pretty!! make me wish i'm a kid again hehehe :)

andiejaye said...

what a fun idea! little man's theme last year was clifford. will have to do a post on that fun sometime. it's great times isn't it? i think i had more fun planning it and putting everything together than he did at the party :) and that custom made scooby gang necklace is tooo cute!! happy birthday to your little daphne :)

Charmed said...

It's not often I get to see my pieces actually on, she looks adorable wearing it! I hope she had a great time at her birthday party, it sure looked like ALOT of fun!

Unknown said...

such a darling birthday party! I love how she is posing for the pic!

mackyton said...

Woah! This post made me drool. I have to organize a party just like this for my birthday this year. I have booked one of the Chicago venues for the night and I am waiting for all my friends to show up now. I have invited the ones living far and I hope they come.


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