Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Vacation/Hubby Countdown....

Wow, time seems to be flying by, now that Beefcake is on his way home.  Where did the last 10 months go?  He should be home next Tuesday, if all works out.  Fingers crossed.  He has to start his journey a week early, to make sure he gets here on time.  You never know over there, when a flight will be canceled. 

Then it's vacation the following week.  We fly out 6/1 and return 6/8.  Two kids on a plane with a lay over in Dallas, this should be FUN!  LOL  Beefcake will be with me to help out, but I see some stress in our future. 

I still have some miscellaneous errands to run before we leave, and a house to clean before Beefcake gets home.  The kids picked out a welcome home cake for Daddy, they are beyond excited.  I'm just ready to relax.  One bit of good news, the luggage I bought was delivered today.  One last thing to stress out about. 

I know it looks hot pink, but really it's red, should be easy to find too.  I bought the four piece set, and then an addition two piece set.  I figured this should be enough for the four of us.  I called Disney and the hotel we are staying at has a laundry facility, yep I even get to do laundry on vacation.  Where is the humanity in that?  

The luggage seems great, it's all nice and big and light weight, can you guess which one is for me? 



Rebecca said...

The biggest one should be yours, esp if you're doing laundry! Have a great time. =] I like putting ribbon on my luggage when I travel but mine are black/dark colors.

Designed by Chance said...

Nice luggage!! Love all the colors. I have a black bag and always have to look for my key chain on the handle (otherwise I would never find it).

Andie Jaye said...

yay! vacation! what a blast! would love to take our kids there when Little Man gets a bit bigger. what a memorable experience for your family. will pray that things go well for you. andiejaye@crayonfreckles

Donnie said...

The luggage looks great and looking forward to the after the vacation photos. Have fun and safe travels.


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