Monday, November 7, 2011

Meet Searching Out Simple, Week 27

Hi! I'm Rebecca from Searching Out Simple. I'm a wife to my soldier and mom to three kids and two dogs. I love to sew and make things from paper, glue & paint. Most of the time I'm making things for my kids or gifs for family and friends. I daydream about a pretty house that resembles my Pinterest board. It's so fun to be visiting Tammy today!

Some might say I'm cheap but I prefer thrifty. Why buy new when you can find gently used? My husband appreciates this about me and brings home 'goodies' for me on occasion. Recently he brought home a large cork board they were getting rid of at work. My son has been in need of a place to hang his drawings and things he likes to look at so I knew this would be perfect for him. {truth be told I still have a cork board sitting in my laundry room waiting for a makeover but I've already claimed it for myself}.

Being the impatient person I am I started on the project right then and there and used what I had on hand. I'm sure I broke at least 3 'rules' of DIY but I'm a rebel like that. ;) Sadly I don't have before pictures for you as the blue screen of death attacked my computer so all pictures taken before that happened are being held hostage until I can get the computer repaired or rescue the pictures. {say a little prayer for my pictures that weren't backed up please, and then back up all of your pictures when you're done reading. thanks}

Without further ado here is the made over cork board.


I used priority mail tape in place of painter's tape. For the most part it worked but you can see some places where I didn't press it down firmly enough. Did I mention I was impatient? When I start a project I want to see it done like yesterday. That would also explain the paint lines, I just assumed you wouldn't be able to see them on cork. Well, you can. I also painted the frame after peeling off the 'wood' laminate.


Two of these plastic pockets were on the cork board, originally hanging the other direction. I thought two was too many but one gives my son a good place to keep school library books so they don't get lost or ruined. I used my Cricut to cut his name out with card stock {I was out of black vinyl} and mod podged the letters to the pocket. He chose a dark blue color for his name.


I know the chevron pattern is very popular and maybe even overdone in the blogosphere but he liked it and it was an easy pattern to make quickly.


After seeing his cork board my daughter wanted one of her own. I made one for her birthday. You can see it here. Thanks again for having me Tammy!

Rebecca, thanks so much for being a guest!  What a great make-over!!!


Rebecca said...

Thanks again for having me Tammy!

Jennifer said...

It's so cute! It reminds me of Charlie Brown's shirt. : ) I bet your little boy loves it!


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