Sunday, November 27, 2011

Please Explain

I love home decor and fashion as much as the next girl.  I have my own sense of style, and taste.  No two people are completely a like.  Please explain to me, on what planet, who would purchase 4 napkin rings for $119?  NAPKIN RINGS? 

Let me also state, they aren't sterling silver, or antique.  The are made out plastic with a SEASHELL glued to it!  Very cute, and I can see me making these some day, with items found at the DOLLAR STORE!

Just one more little tidbit of disgust, they are on sale from $320, or $80 per napkin ring.  PER. Sorry I just had to share.  (Don't get me started on the 4 piece boxed set!)  So who wants a set of knock offs?  I'll be at the Dollar Store rounding up supplies.

Okay the venting is over, now on to some updates and other random info.

First up, Christmas Edition Guest Post Update...mouthful.

12/1  Life on Mars ***
12/2 Strawberries and Sweet Love ***
12/3  The Kiefer Cottage ***
12/4 The Old Block House
12/5 Simcoe Street ***
12/6 Embellishments by SLR ***
12/7 Three Mango Seeds ***
12/8 The Brown Eyes Have It
12/9 Searching Out Simple
12/10  Hating Martha ***
I'll give you a list of the 11-20 tomorrow.
Second, don't forget my RAMSIGN GIVE AWAY!!!  ($99 value)
Third, the winner of my Facebook Give Away for 12 Dove Ornaments is....
Jannet from Simple Matters!!!  Congrats Jannet!
Last, but not least, Sommer over at Designer Garden is looking for guests for her Christmas Series!
Twelve Blogs of Christmas
That's it for now...if I think of anything, you'll be the first second to know!


An Oasis in the Desert said...

Totally share your disgust! I'm mystified sometimes at what people will spend on certain things, but I thought it was probably my older generation I still can't get over the price of Annie Sloan chalk paint, but maybe I need to take a closer look.....I don't know.

Sherry said...

Wow, I definitely don't remember there being a shortage of sea shells anywhere; I share your sentiments, should we assume the decimal point was in the wrong place? I'm a new follower, when you're done venting, please drop by for a visit (smile).

Anna@Directions Not Included said...

There are no words.

Rebecca said...

That is insane! But think of how much you could make selling your knock offs. :P

Tina said...

LOL! Who would pay that price? People who buy name brand only and those that think it is made better because the price is higher! You know the wacko's! Sorry had to say it.

High Street Cottage said...

Tammy, Kudos to you for this post! In this economy where people are losing their jobs, many after serving loyally with their companies for decades, to think we're foolish enough to buy into the fake chicness of these types of products is just stupid. I see things like this, and sadly there are bloggers too who charge exorbitant amounts of money for their own collectables or handmade products. I stick to the dealers who have reasonable prices, as well as like you, make lots of trips to the dollar stores. I use this type of product to inspire my own creativity. Love your blog!

Cami said...

I'll supply the shells - you want to grab the rings? We'll split the proceeds! ;)

<3-Cami from First Day of My Life

♥ Miss Tea said...

i wouldnt buy napkin rings for that kind of crazy prize unless i'm super rich and have billions of money to throw around after of course helping others in needs's been ages! life is abit hectic here and christmas is just around the corner and i'm trying my luck on selling crafts on craft fairs (since i've no luck yet finding a job), hope you and family are doing great and having a great weekend though it's almost over :)

xx susan

Jennifer said...

That is insane!

Jenny @ Simcoe Street said...

Some people are crazy. Just plain crazy. Wow. This totally made me laugh though :)

Junky Vagabond said...

*shaking head* Some people have lost all sense of value.

Gwen @ The Bold Abode said...

What evah! Are people totally and thoroughly insane? Blech!

Meg @ Revamp Homegoods said...

Hahaha! Great minds think alike. This reminds me of my "To Each Their Own" post about Anthropologie's $398 trinket & treasure candlesticks!! Absurd! P.S. Thanks for the no-reply tip!

antique wedding rings said...

I don't understand why people don't have any value for money. Some company charge so much as if people are insane to buy whatever they offer at whatever price.Sorry, consumers are much aware of things around them now.


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