Friday, March 4, 2011

Talk about Changes!

This even surprises me, and I'm the one responsible or it!  This is how the kitchen looked when we moved in May of 2004, and much hadn't changed until recently.  I still can't believe we've been in this house for almost seven years.  Time flies!

What a sad looking kitchen. =(

Excuse the mess on the counter, this was before I started staging my photos, and became so OCD.  OCD is a silent illness, and it totally snuck up on me after I had my first child, now there's no going back.  I was such a minimalist in the early days too.  I guess I knew deep down the more stuff I had the more to clean!

I just took these pictures this morning!  I'm so over being a minimalist, I almost qualify as a hoarder!  (That's very clean and organized!)

Doesn't even look like the same kitchen.  What do you think about an island in the center?  I've been thinking I really want one, not sure if that would be too much?  Handy man is gonna give me a quote on a custom job, that is mobile.  I'm designing, he's building, then I'll be painting.  We work really well together.  One of these days I will build stuff myself,  but I don't have any tools.  Beefcake is a mechanic not a woodworker. 

I'm working on some signs to replace the ones under the cabinet.  I want some thing with a country feel.  I never would have thought in zillion years that I would have a country kitchen.  I wish I could  gut this one and do a total remodel, but this is not the forever home.  We hope to rent this place out and move, so the next house I will get my farm house sink, butcher block counters with subway tile back splash and bead board cabinets!  I know that's a hefty list.  Girls gotta dream!  Really that's just part of the dream for the next kitchen, but that's a post all it's own!

I am considering changing the can light over the sink to a mason jar chandelier.  That is affordable, and I can take it with me when/if we rent/move.  Yes English is my first language!  lol

I just love my kitchen now, it has such a homey feel.  Thanks for checking it out!  Would love to have any feed back you guys have!  xx


Chandeen @ Designed by Chance said...

I love the black accents in the kitchen that tie in the black appliances. I have almost the same cabinets and also black appliances too. How funny. If you get an island (which I think is a great idea) have you thought about doing it in a different color? We hope to get a new wall of cabinets and are thinking of doing it in white. do you think that would look weird? (Long comment, sorry)

Donnie said...

You sure have enough room for an island and they are always so useful. Your kitchen is very comfortable and cozy looking. Love the signs.

Anonymous said...

I think an island would look nice in your kitchen. You definitely have the space. Maybe, a pot rack above to give a bit of the country feel that you dream of. I want a farmhouse kitchen, too. I know I won't be able to have the sink but we are going to try some other things. I saw a fellow blogger that used beadboard over her exisitng tiles. It looked really cute! I like your idea of mason jar pendant lamps!

Have a nice weekend! Hugs!!!

Lindsay @ whimsy.girl said...

Looks so cozy and comfortable. I think you could do a small square island. A friend of mine found one at a flea market we were at. Her kitchen was pretty small, but it fit great. I think since your kitchen is pretty open, it would be fine. A black one with a butcher block top would be pretty and add a little color contrast...and would tie into your appliances and black decor. Our kitchen did not have one, but I was determined to find one to work and luckily found one (you can see it in my kitchen pics) that was made by the same company that made our table and chairs. I love mine and it adds a little interest to the room for more decor! :)

Tanyia said...

an island would look great! I love the paint in the kitchen now and I also like the touches of black here and there... brings everything together so well! Fab job!

Glimpse of My World said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog... love your space... let's visit again soon!! smiles..


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