Friday, March 18, 2011

Fitness Friday #5

I've shown you some of the resistant bands I use, and the balls of various sizes, you even got to see my gym.  This week I'm going to show three more things that I use every  time I work out. 

First up is the Fanny Lifter by the Firm, LOVE this.  I could only find a picture on Ebay, they are hard to come by.  The closest to this is the Transfirmer step, which is great too, but larger.  I have both, but only use the Transfirmer when I'm doing the videos that go with it.  I used to be addicted to The Firm vidoes, kinda still am. 

Fanny lifter!  It does just that too.  You put a foot in the center and step up and down, switch feet, work both legs.  Trust me your booty will be on fire, you'll be out of breath and your legs will be wobbly. 
I love it because it comes in two sections, 6 inch purple, 8 inch blue, together they are 14 inches.  You can start out with purple and work up to blue or both.  Trust me starting with 14 inches wouldn't be the best idea.
It depends on the exercise, but I use either the blue section or both.  I'm crazy like that.

Weighted vest, another fave, love this.  I wear it every workout.  I own two.  Wearing this will make you sweat more, and really works your lower body when doing standing exercises.  Exercises like squats, lunges and my fave Plies.  I work my inner thighs until they scream.  Poor fat inner thighs. 

Why do I have two?  The first one I bought is to bulky and hard to exercise in, was really made for a man.  This one, I got at Walmart, is contoured and fits nicely.  It only goes up to 12 lbs, so it will be replaced soon with the new and improved model.  My dream vest goes from 12lbs to 20lbs.  Walmart only sells it online, but shipping to the store is free.

Dream Vest!

Hand weights, must have item.  I recommend a few different sizes too.  Different muscles use different weights.  My chest and back are much stronger than my triceps and shoulders.  Why you ask, your chest and back are much larger muscle groups.  Larger muscles can use larger weights, plus they burn more calories. 

I love hand weights with the neoprene coating on them, they don't slip when your hands get sweaty.  Trust me when I say this, when I work out everything is sweaty.  It's not pretty, but hopefully the end result will be!!!

Happy Fitness Friday!  Now get out there and sweat!  xx


Donnie said...

As klutzy as I am I would do some real damage trying to use that Fanny I think I'll stick to my walking.

♥ Miss Tea said...

never known there's a weighted vest! i'm one who dont like to exercise but always dream of losing weight hehehe could do with the vest i think, sweat baby sweat! :)


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