Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day Dreaming about Kitchens

Nope I'm not moving anytime soon, but that doesn't mean that I'm not researching and DREAMING!!!!   Yep lots of dreaming.  I live dreaming about the 'next' house, the bigger house.  lol  I love my home, but we have outgrown it. 

I don't have a favorite room, really.  I like to decorate all of them, but recently I've had kitchens on the brain.  I can't stop thinking about my next kitchen.  I occasionally dream about my next laundry room, master bathroom and office too.  Kitchens are definitely the front runner. 

I put together some photos I found on the internet of items I want for my next kitchen.  Prepare for photo overload!  lol  Just to let you know, these pictures are exactly what I'm dreaming about, but as close as I could find.

Farmhouse sink, with or with/out the part that goes up the wall.  Just as long as it's a farmhouse sink with a vintage faucet.  I don't want silver fixtures either, most likely ORB.  I just love ORB.

This kitchen has a lot of what I want.  Two different colored cabinets.  White on the top gray on the bottom.  Subway tile back splash, some open shelving and vintage lighting.  Even has the ORB faucet.

This is pretty close the to gray I would love for the bottom cabinets.  I want the walls in  the kitchen to be two shades lighter than this gray.

This creamy white for the upper cabinets and ceiling.

I want a kitchen island like this, I love the island/table.  It feels so open.  I want the top to be darker wood stain.  I want butcher block counters in a dark stain through out the kitchen.

This green, for the base of the island.  I LOVE green!  So bright, reminds me of fresh herbs.

Under cabinet lighting!  It's a must in the next kitchen.  

Vintage lighting, in ORB.  I know this one looks black, but the website said it was ORB.  I picturing one of the sink and two or three over the island, depending on how big the island is.

Drawer pull that look like this, only ORB.

Painted flooring.  I want this!  I want it  combined with a harlequin pattern.  I'm thinking this pattern around the island and under the island and on the outside of this pattern doing the harlequin.  Gray and white of course.

Windows and butcher block, both are a must have in the next house.  I want a wall of window over the sink and here is an example of the butcher block I was talking about.  Dreamy?

All Black appliances.  I've always liked black.  No stainless for me.  I definitely want a cook top and wall ovens.  Love the look.
This is the dream refrigerator.  I want one with the freezer on the bottom.  Sigh. 
Double wall ovens.


Here is another example of what I love!  Bright and beautiful.  I want a hood cover similar to this too, no metal hood covers.

Tin ceiling, painted white like the upper cabinets.

Do you dream about kitchens too?  xx


Ches said...

Yes, I most definately dream about kitchens. In fact I just finished a mini redo in our current kitchen and I am dreaming of what I want to do next in the space.

Donnie said...

we live in a Park Model. I'd be happy to wheel this place out and back in a new is happy just the way things are. I like you dreams though. They would be lovely.

Anonymous said...

Oooo... Isn't it fun to dream?! I love a farmhouse sink and kitchen. I'm dreaming of a beadboard backsplash and painted cabinets, right now. That island is amazing, Tammy! I love it tooooooo.... We have stainless but I clean the kitchen all the time so it doesn't bug me.
Thanks for sharing your ideas! I think we want the same kitchen :)

Ches said...


Thanks for stopping by and following me. The island was purchased a long time ago at Target. It use to be a blonde oak color and I painted it.

♥ Miss Tea said...

I second that! dreaming is always my fave! especially dreaming about my dream house, doing it is another matter, whether i can afford it or not *sigh* loving your dream kitchen, love the ORB too, and the sink, the hood, ooohh we do have something in common hehehe...I hope your dream will come true ASAP!! x

Tammy @ Type A said...
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Jane @ Jane's Junk and Treasures said...

I love that painted floor!!

Tammy @ Type A said...
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