Saturday, March 5, 2011

Lauren's Room Part Deux!

Finally, Lauren's room is DONE!  Well, done for now.  The only way I plan on changing her room, is if we move.  (I was considering painting...but very little consideration...)

Okay the first 5 pictures are before.  This one is her closet before I cleaned it out.  It felt really good to organize it all.  She wasn't happy with me, apparently it's too organized and  she can't find anything. 

She's lucky to have this closet, Connor's is the size of a coat closet.  I added this little cube shelving with bin before Christmas to help with the clutter.  The help didn't last long.  I donated 1/3 of her toys at Christmas, some how she got it all back.

I just tossed it all out on the floor, I went through every draw, shelf and bin she has.  I brought this cute basket in from my closet.  It used to hold her pull ups, but now  that we are pull up free it holds all her baby blankets. 

See the mess is even in the hall.  It produced  one kitchen size bag of garbage and one for donation.  I'm real big on donating.  I only throw trash away, nothing some one else can use. 

This is how OCD I am, I bought her a bin for her bins!  She has one for misc. dolls, princesses, clothes, and furniture.  They all have lids too, they just didn't make it into the picture.

I'm not a huge fan of putting stuff under the bed, but really I had no choice, her room is 10x10.  It's okay though, that's really why I bought the big bin, to contain it all under there neatly.

Now on to the afters, here's her closet after.  Nice and neat, everything has a place and is in it.  It's like music to my soul!

Even her shoes and clothes were rearranged. 

Oh, and I found the perfect curtains at Target!  Happy dances all over today.

The little bird pillow is new too, it was too cute to pass up.  I just put all her big pillows and plushy toys in the corner.  I figure if she's looking at books or playing her leaspster this is a good place to relax.

The other side with her book slings and new blanket basket.

It feels so good to have her room decorated, organized and cleaned.  I'm thinking my closet is next, is it sick that it makes me happy to clean closets?  I think I need a life.  lol


Donnie said...

Loved the Bin for her did a great job organizing everything and those curtains are perfect for her room. Lovely.

Ashleigh@Sincerely said...

It's not sick! I have a closet that you could work your magic on!

I love love love those curtains. Seeing rooms like this makes me wish I wasn't into sports and power rangers when I was little!


Emily said...

Such a beautiful room! I love the is so organized and so cute!

SJ @ Homemaker On A Dime said...

Actually, it's healthy to be happy cleaning closets :) That is one cute ruffly curtain from Target. You scored well on that one. Overall, the room looks so pretty and girly.

Pam @ Our Adventures in Home Improvement said...

OMG Tammy--this is so cute! I love her room and love her organized closet! No, it's not a problem to get excited about organizing a closet. :)

I used to love doing this in my daughter's room. Dang it, now that's she's 17, she won't let me anymore.

Enjoy your weekend,

Anonymous said...

Nothing is better than a freshly organized space, and this one looks fantastic! Great job!

Jill said...

What a gorgeous bedroom! I love the book hangers on the wall - I've seen these here and there and really want to make some for my girls! I wish their room was that organised! It's on my list.......

Sommer said...

I love you for finding more perfect curtains lol. I need these for well...someones room I'm sure! lol. I love them! Oh and I'm not at all suprised to see you organize bins into larger bins. That's my Tammy =)

Angie said...

Her room looks great!! I'm still so in love with the book wall! It looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to have you over, Tammy! My kids closets are a nightmare! Great job! I love love love those curtains! You go!

willowcreek said...

Hello! I just gave your blog an award. I hope you will stop by and accept it.

LBB said...

Love how organized this room is!! I think that book sling is such a GREAT idea. I will be making that this weekend!!

Booker's Mom said...

Where do I find those book slings or did you make them?!? I love the look of those!! Please let me know!!


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