Monday, March 7, 2011

Your generosity made my day!

I have to tell you I have met some of the best people since I started my blog.  Everyday your kindness and generosity makes me smile.  Until today it had been your kinds words, either in comments on my posts or personal emails.  You always show your support and friendship and I appreciate every one of my friends.

Then today I was totally blown away!  I've had the biggest grin on my face since I checked the mail and found these!  Two beautiful gifts from two wonderful fellow bloggers and friends.  I'm almost

First up is this package from Clydia at Three Mango Seeds.
I actually new before hand that this was going to be delivered today.
Clydia makes awesome wooden signs, and during one of my weekly parties I featured one of her signs, you can see it here.  Out of the kindness of her most generous heart, she offered to paint a sign for me!

Thank you so much, I love it, and appreciate it!

Here's a close up of the sign, the quality is outstanding.  I would buy a sign like this.  I totally think Clydia needs to open her own Etsy shop, she's so talented and kind, she would be a success.  This picture makes me laugh too, Connor was really happy about the sign and being in the picture, Lo, not so much.  lol  Her face kinda screams "Do I look Happy!"

Here it is in it's new home!  I fits perfectly.  Connor has informed  me he would like a sign and so would Lo, she has to have what ever Connor has.  lol  So Clydia, you better hurry up and open your store, you have two customers waiting! 

  What else is my mail box?  I was totally surprised by Donnie at New Blessings Everyday, I had no idea she was sending me anything.  But there was the white mailer sitting in my mail box addressed to little 'ol me.  If you can imagine by now my smile was pretty scary it was so big!  Two presents in one day, for me? 

I can't thank you enough Donnie!  I'm totally in love with my new dish cloths.  I actually almost bought some of these on Etsy not to long ago.  Your friendship means a lot and I always look forward to your comments and our email conversations.  Thank you!

Aren't they just adorable and the little card!  My kids are already fighting over who gets which one.  Lauren wants to use them for her barbies, and Connor thinks they would be perfect wash cloths, poor sweet children.  lol  They are mine!  All mine!

If you have the time you should check these ladies out!  The both have beautiful blogs and are truly beautiful people!

Thanks Ladies for making my day! xx


Donnie said...

Clydia's sign is perfect for you all and I'm glad you like the dish cloths I knitted. They would make a cute doll

Five Seconds From Crazy said...

Fantastic! Both such lovely things to get in the mail!

Designed by Chance said...

That is so cool. I only get stuff I buy in the mail, and work.

Tara @ FabulouslyCrafty said...

Oh I love getting packages!
Your kids are super cute... Following from Homemaker on a Dime... Off to look around some more!

♥, Tara

Please Visit Me Back @ FabuLESSly Crafty!

Tanyia said...

Tammy, that is awesome! It is so wonderful to see mommys connecting, finding friends, lending a hand ... make sure you check my blog post today, it is kinda about that.

That was so sweet of them and you are right that sign is gorgeous! I LOVE the family name and established in year, too cute!

Jane @ Jane's Junk and Treasures said...

It's like Christmas over there!

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

Those are fabulous. Have you had a hard time explaining these friendships to your non-blogger friends? I have! They don't get it.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the sweet post Tammy! Your kids are just adorable and the look on your daughters face in the pic cracked me up! Happy Wednesday! XOXO


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