Sunday, March 13, 2011

Horsing Around!

So I placed a bid the other day on Ebay, and I "won" some great fabric.  I love how they say you won, but you still have to pay for it!  I'm so new to sewing it's not even funny, as a matter of fact I sent my Bestie an email begging her to come down next week to give me another lesson.

The problem is, I don't sew often enough and I forget stuff, and I hate watching dvd's of how to, I want someone to show me.  Insert Bestie!  She's loves me, hopefully enough to come give me a lesson.  I'll have to have to  help her paint something in return. 

Today I had to go  it alone, and it was okay.  My bobbin did run out at the end, so lucky me I have pre-filled ones.  I've forgotten how to fill the bobbins, and thread the machine, but it's all good, I just use neutral tread for everything!  lol

Here's a close up of the fabric, I'm in love with "The Hunt", and anything with horses.

One of the best things about the fabric, it's in panels.  Very easy to cut out and I "won" two yards, so if you would like some pillows let me know.  I never thought about what I would do with the other 10 panels!  lol

Joann's had a 40% of sale on pillow inserts, so I bought 2 of the 18x18.  The pillow covers are slightly smaller, but I wanted them to be really fluffy. 

Ta Da!  Pillow #1, I made them with envelope backs, I just used a plain light brown cotton fabric.  Nothing special, but it did the job.

Both pillows at home in my living room.  I just showed the living room reveal yesterday and I'm already making changes.  I swear it's never ending, and I love it! 

Seriously if you'd like a panel or two to make your own pillows let me know and I'll pop them in the mail to you.  The panel would be cool framed too.

Thanks for stopping by!  xx


Chrissie said...

Very nice! The pillows look great on your chairs!

Sommer said...

Dang you made those fast! I'm impressed! Lookin good girl :P

Anonymous said...

Very cute! I like the style with your chairs! Envelope pillows are my favorite because they are easy on and off to throw in the wash. I also like that you used a different backing. It makes your nicer fabric go further. Great look!

I hope you've had a nice weekend! I'm ready to plop! xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

I'm your newest follower from the Boost My Blog Friday Blog Hop. If you get a minute please drop by and follow back. Have a wonderful week!

Tanyia said...

You did a great job, tammy. I have yet to tackle pillows. lol I know what you mean about needing someone to show you how to sew! It is so hard for me to figure it out on my own I am such a visual learner. You would laugh your hiney off if you saw me trying to figure out written pattern directions lol

Donnie said...

I love how they turned out. Great job.

Jane @ Jane's Junk and Treasures said...

Hey Tammy me best friend do you have a sewing machine??........... said...

LOVE THIS! Come on ova' and link up to my Linky Party! xoxokara



Handy Man, Crafty Woman said...

Those came out great! Thanks for linking this up to Wicked Awesome Wednesday.

Jill said...

Great fabric, and you did a wonderful job on the pillows!

Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
Hope you have a great weekend!

Jill @ Creating my way to Success said...

The derail in the pillows...BEAUTIFUL!!! I am your newest follower :)

Thank you for linking this up to Whassup Wednesday! Hope to see you this week at my

I would LOVE to have you Follow me:)

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage said...

Good job! See; you just need to sew more and it will all come back to you.

Thanks for linking to the party each week.

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

Alison Agnew said...

great job with the fabric choice...very unique and vintagy looking...thanks so much for linking up again this week to fridays unfolded!


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