Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday's Measurements #8

I would love to tell you that I beat the plateau, but I got sick on Wednesday and was sick until Sunday.  I didn't work out for three days!  I didn't gain any, but again I didn't lose any!  Damn germs.  I haven't been sick in I don't know when and all of a sudden bam!  Hopefully I report a huge loss next week.  I have to go to the chiropractor this week too, walking around like a gimp!  lol  Not sure what the deal is, but whenever I lose weight my right hip acts up.  20 adjustments later I should be better. 

Happy Monday!  xx


Designed by Chance said...

don't worry you will beat this plateau. I love the chiropractor it feels so good.

Donnie said...

Please don't give up you're my you feel better soon.

Lesley said...

When I was on Atkins I lost something like 30 pounds the first 5 weeks. Now that I'm on WW it's much slower. But, I don't hate it. I hated Atkins!
I haven't lost a pound in 2 weeks but I know that I'm that counts for something right?
You're doing great!!


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