Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hating Martha, 15 Days 'Til Christmas!!!

I get to be on Type A today! Yippee! Thanks Tammy for inviting me!


I am Janel and I blog at Hating Martha.
I have a 13 year old daughter, an 8 year old son, a husband (they must be included), 2 cats, a dog, and 9 siblings. My blog is just like my home…slightly quirky, imperfect, loud, fun, yet the best place to be! I hope you come over some time and say hi…I would love it!

I don’t do a whole lot for Christmas. Cause I just don’t.
But, I do believe in presents looking special. Nothing fancy or perfect. Just special.
So I try to get all crazy with my wrapping. Not time-consuming or expensive. Just fun and thoughtful.

Tags are my favorite way of jazzing up a gift.
So, I thought I would share some of my simpler, easier tags with you all…
(I am feeling self-conscious here so can I just say again…simple, inexpensive, and fun.
Perfect or gorgeous or amazing weren’t in my descriptions. Just saying.)

Bow tag.This is a simple paper tag. Draw a bow on your paper (I actually used a printed bow to help me cause I am terrible drawer. But, you are much better then me!)
Then cut it out.


Add a border with your sharpie. Draw the middle “knot” and a couple of lines on either side of the knot. And tada!
There you have it!


Button flower.You need reversible paper if possible and a button. Draw a small circle within a larger circle. I used tape thingies because like I said before…I can’t  draw.
Cut out your circle and then cut slits from the outside to the center circle line.



Curl up the edges a bit. Add a button and a nice border and you have a cute flower.
Sometimes I use green ribbon for this and add a cute little leaf. But, only when I am feeling crafty. Not often.


Holly tag.
It kind of looks like holly. Good thing I am not a perfectionist.

You need reversible green paper if possible. Cut 2 strips with squiggly edges. Wrap it around a pencil.
Stick the two squigglies together, and add 2 red buttons. I only have 1 on mine because gosh darn…I couldn’t find another.
But, you get the idea.




Reindeer tag.
You need a twig or two, clothespin, red button or paper and a sharpie.
Attach the red button to the very bottom of the clothespin. The twigs go on the top for “antlers”. Use the sharpie to draw in some eyes.



I don’t even bother attaching him to the tag…cause he attaches all by himself, he is just that cool!


Santa tag.You need red fabric or paper, cotton, paper or cardboard, and a sharpie.


I don’t even have more pictures because it was really that simple.
Cover the cardboard or paper in cotton (shape it like Santa). Add a red Santa hat with a pompom. Add some eyes.
Yep, that easy.


Baby Jesus tag.
You need a tag, twigs, 2 buttons, and a sharpie. I also used moss, glitter, and ribbon for mine. Up to you.
Use the twigs to form the manger. Add a little moss on top if you like. The two buttons are “baby Jesus”. I used the sharpie to draw eyes and a smile. Which, is kind of weird…but my kids insist. I also add a frame of glitter and a a pretty bow.



There you have it…some simple, quick, inexpensive gift tags.

Thanks so much Tammy for letting me share with your wonderful readers!
And you all...make sure to come by and say hi!


DearHelenHartman said...

Fun, fun and more fun! Thanks for some good ideas for special tags.

Rebecca said...

Cute tags! I love the bowtie and holly, my kids would have fun making the reindeer.

Elegant Economies said...

I am impressed! 2 cute! I can't wrap a gift to save my life! I buy lots of bags.


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