Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mural Maker & More, 4 Days 'Til Christmas!!!!


Hello! I’m Colleen from Mural Maker & More where I write about my murals and a whole lot more – more paint tutorials, more crafts, more decorating ideas. Basically, anything that involves decorating with paint.

So let me ask you - has this ever happened to you:

Hubs: Hey Hon, did I tell you that we’re invited to KC’s (insert any good friend’s name) for Christmas Eve?

Me: Uh . . . no, you didn’t.

Hubs: Yeah, we are. You have something ‘round here we can bring as a gift, dontcha?

Me: Um. . . no, I don’t think so.

Hubs: Huh. You don’t? Well, you can whip something up by then, can’t ya?
Welcome to my world of last-minute-Christmas-gifts. I needed something fast, easy, that didn’t require much thought. But, in the end, would look like I spent forever on it. They are, after all, our best friends Smile with tongue out.

I looked around and spotted some new-to-me wine goblets. I always pick some up when I go to the thrift store for this very reason – they make great gifts.


Here are the other supplies I used to stencil them:

  • Rubbing alcohol – to clean the goblets
  • Nail polish remover – to remove any labels
  • Martha Stewart Crafts adhesive Holiday Stencils
  • Martha Stewart Metallic Yellow Gold paint
  • Martha Stewart Mother of Pearl paint
  • small foam round dauber
  • paper towels
  • cotton swabs (to remove booboo’s)
  • scissors
You can use any paint you want but I chose Martha Stewart because it’s a multi-surface paint and doesn’t require a medium or sealer. I used her stencils because they are small and have an adhesive backing which makes them perfect for stenciling round objects, like wine glasses.


Ok, did I mention this was easy? It is. Clean the glasses, remove any labels and cut desired stencils from sheet.

I chose a couple of snowflakes and some tiny little stars.

I mean, Christmas is in a few days so why give them a Christmas-decorated goblet that they’ll only use for a day or two. Snowflakes and stars can be used for another month or so. In my house, anyway.


I only wanted the star part of the stencil but I didn’t want to cut the “Merry Christmas” lettering off since I’ll probably use it next year. Then I just dabbed the foam pouncer into the Yellow Gold and onto the stencil. Easy Peasy.

Remove the stencil, place it onto the plastic backing and blot the excess paint off. Then reapply to another spot and add some more stars.

Then I just turned the foam pouncer around to the other end and dabbed Mother of Pearl – a really pretty white pearl paint – here and there on the snowflake stencils.

A couple of tips on these adhesive stencils and Martha Stewart paint:

They’re flexible and bend really easy, so I press on the center part of the stencil first – where the intricate parts are – and work my way to the outside. I used a paper towel to press it to the glass so I didn’t get *more* paint on my fingers.

Don’t apply stencils too close to the lip of the goblet. The paint is nontoxic but you still don’t want it near the drinking sipping area.

When you’re finished stenciling, moisten a cotton swab (or two) and remove any excess paint from your glasses.

Wash the stencil, dry thoroughly and then affix it to the plastic backing and you’ll be able to reuse it over and over again.

The paint will cure permanently in 21 days, then the glasses are top-rack dishwasher-safe. But I think I’d still wash them by hand, just in case.

To keep it simple, I stenciled some stars and snowflakes on the bases too.


And there you go – a quick and easy Last Minute Gift! Not that your husband would pull a last minute invite, you know, but just in case he does, now you can whip up a handpainted present.

Thanks so much to Tammy for inviting me to guest at her 25 Days of Christmas! I hope you’ll drop by Mural Maker & More sometime and say hi!

Have a warm, wonderful Christmas and a fantastic New Year!


DearHelenHartman said...

Darling and clever. And the wine glasses are great too!

Ivy and Elephants said...

Wow this is fantastic. I just love this idea. I would love it if you would link it to our What's It Wednesday linky party. Hope you can join us.


ann alba said...

how wonderful, great gift Idea Colleen.
Have a good one ann/alba.

Lori said...

Very beautiful!

Silvinha said...

Uau idea that great !
I wish you have much health and happiness in your life.
May your Christmas Day be harmonious and Joy
Sugar Success in 2012

mel said...

Hi Colleen, I love the idea and will be doing tonight (for a last minute gift to a party) question for ya, can I mix in the etching medium like you did on your halloween votive holders for this one also...Think it will work the same???


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