Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Three Mango Seeds, 18 Days 'Til Christmas!!!

First of all, I just wanted to say a big "THANK YOU" to Tammy for having me over.  Her blog is one of the first one's I started reading and I just love her!  I've seen these ornaments all over lately and thought these would be a great gift at our deacon/staff Christmas party.  Plus, I think these just might be what I make for all my kids teacher's this year.  All in all, I believe I will be making about 24 of these.  We've had a lot going on family wise with a car wreck and other medical issue's so I knew I would not have the time to paint like I usually do so these turned out to be a great option.  Here's how I did mine...

What you'll need:
Glass Ornaments {Hobby Lobby}
Red copy paper {ran through a shredder}
Older looking copy paper
Letter Stickers {Hobby Lobby}

First I decided what I wanted on my strips of paper that would be inside the ornament.  I decided on different scriptures about the birth of Jesus.  I used publisher, typed out all my scriptures, used a red font and printed it.  I used the landscape setting in publisher instead of portrait because it made the strips longer and they would look fuller inside the ornament. 

Now just take the top off your glass ornament and get ready to "stuff" it. 

 I rolled my paper loosely then would put it inside then shake it around.  This seemed to help it unfold and press against the sides of the glass.

 Please disregard my scary, mom hands.  I need a manicure.  Like I said, I've been crazy swamped lately.

Now once I had all the strips inside that I felt were sufficient I moved on to adding shredded red paper.

I thought it made them look a bit more festive.  I did try adding glitter to was okay, but I didn't love it so I decided to leave it out.

Now I had thought I would hand paint on the initial, but I found these perfect glittery letters at Hobby Lobby.  So easy!
They really SPARKLE when the light hits them, so I think they will look beautiful on the tree.

And last add the ribbon.  All I did was snip the ends of the ribbon, thread them through the top of the glass ornament and tied a little knot.
 Making this one literally only took me like 5 minutes.  Quick, easy & very inexpensive, plus they have a personal touch with the recipient's last name initial on them.  Now I just need to run out and grab lots of small gift bags and stuffing paper to finish these up.

Thanks again Tammy for having me over!  Merry Christmas Ya'll!


DearHelenHartman said...

Nu-uh, It cannot be 18 days until Christmas! The ornament is so cute. I always wondered how to poke those strips of paper in those and now I know the secret.

Junky Vagabond said...

18 days??!! I am SO behind...cute ornament, the sparkly letter is just the right addition :)

South Bay Studio said...

Those are so nice, I love the sparkley letters too. How creative. Kathi

Shannon Fox said...

Those are so cute and the red glitter letter tops it off ;)

Rebecca said...

So simple & pretty. :) I have clear bulbs on my list but with only 18 days left I might wait until they're on super sale after Christmas and have them for next year.

Jennifer said...

These are awesome by an awesome lady!!


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