Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Maiden D'Shade, 5 Days 'Til Christmas!!!

Hello everyone! I'm Kim from Maiden D'Shade and I'm here to share with you a festive way to wrap napkins for a casual Christmas dinner party.

I purchased a package of tags, a cheap little ink pad, I borrowed a stamp...

purchased 2 skeins of fun yarn (I liked that it kind of looks like tinsel garland)...

and I used some paint I already had.

I cut the strings off the tags first; thankfully they come all twist-tied together so it was pretty quick. Then I inked up the stamp and stamped away until I had enough "good" ones.

Next I lightly inked up the edges using a  flat q-tip, because I didn't have a little craft sponge. And sometimes I ran the tag edge on the ink pad itself. I was fairly inconsistent, but this is one of those projects where perfection is not needed. Sometimes 'done is better than perfect', right?

Next I added some gold glitter paint to the stars on the stamped tree. I used a craft tooth pick.

Next was adding a pop of color to the stamped ornaments. Did you ever watch your mom do any "dot painting"oh 20-30 years ago? Well, I did and I remember trying it when I was little, too. I decided that would be the best way to paint the ornaments. So with some paint on the pinhead, I went on dot painting ornaments on the tags.

This technique gives your surface some texture, which is always fun.

Once the tags were finished (and paint is dry), it was time to wrap the silverware.

Then to tie it...

You know what I discovered when cutting the yarn, it curls up slightly when cut! That made it extra cute!

I had to make a lot for a church party.

So it was very time consuming for me, but it made for a great excuse to watch all of my favorite Christmas movies. In. A. Row. And I enjoyed it! This would be an easy one for a small dinner party!

Thanks, Tammy, for having me over today and for letting me reschedule my post date!!

Merry Christmas to you all!


MiriamR said...

That is such a great idea for gift tags!
Love it!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Nice way to make the Church supper even more special.

Kim Rosema said...

Thanks for having me over today, Tammy!


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