Saturday, December 10, 2011

Oi Christmas Tree

Ramsign GIVE AWAY!!!
The Bella Cottage GIVE AWAY!!!

Really Oi, this tree has pushed to my crafty end....

This is one of my favorite projects, but it's a lot more time conusming that I thought it would be.  And I had to drive round trip for an hour, twice to buy felt...if I had only bought the right amount to begin with.  Only.

Lucky for the Tree, all the gas I used in my momma van was worth it!

Close up of the very top, this section kinda stumped me. 

Supplies.  Very important.  I doubt I would have made this tree with out my Sizzix.  I can't imagine cutting out 180 individual leaves.  Nope.

1 Sizzix
1 Leaf die
Felt, about 12 9x12 sheets
Stick Pins, roughly 225!
1 Large foam cone

The rest of the supplies.  I used two different colors of felt, to add depth, and because at first I was in denial and didn't want to drive another hour for more.  Even that fix did help. 

Here's the first row.  They are staggered, but only because my leaf die cut out two different sizes.  I wanted the bottom point of the leaves to line up, so I had to stagger the them at the top.  I alternated each size, and stuck a pin in the top.  Hot glue wont work on a foam cone.

Bottom shot.  Then I flipped it over and stuck pins in each one to hold them down, and so I wouldn't have to try to cut them off.  My luck I would have cut them all crooked.

Then you just work your way to the top, one row at a time.  A side from alternating the size of the leaves, the color pattern is totally random.

Again, TADA!

Here it is out with the rest of my Christmas Decor!

Merry Christmas!!!






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Lesley said...

Oh gosh that's pretty! Thought I can see why you're happy to be finished with it...very meticulous work!

Jill said...

Very cute little tree - love all your decorations!

Jenny @ Simcoe Street said...

Great little tree!


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