Monday, December 26, 2011

Meet Days of Chalk and Chocolate, Week 34

Hello everyone!  I'm Jenny at Days of Chalk and Chocolate!  My blog is a place I created to chronicle my journey as I strive to decorate our new home on a non-existent budget while raising my two sweet-n-sour girls. I hope you visit as I love meeting new people who are interested in the same things.  I'm so excited to be visiting Tammy at Type A Decorating today! Tammy is always so welcoming to bloggers and I always appreciate her emails and comments. So I was so flattered to be asked to guest blog! 
The wrapping paper is in the garbage, the yule log has turned to ashes, Daddy's twice a year church obligation has been met...Christmas is over. I hope you all had a beautiful and blessed holiday!  Let's look forward to an even better 2012 Here are some ideas to get your party on!
Look at these beautiful party and table decorations!  Of course a glittery theme is best for ushering in the new year!

Martha shows a great way to use up the leftover gift wrap!  These look like sparkly icicles to me.

This table setting is chic and shiny at the same time. I had mint julep cups at my wedding so I always like seeing them on a table setting.

I love the idea of using clocks as decor for New Year's Eve.

Gorgeous decorations for cupcakes!  So festive!

More metallics!  I bet we can scam some glittery stars left over from Dollar Tree like the one I bought for Christmas decorating.

Design Indulgences

Don't forget the champagne! You can have it in a glass....

or in your cupcake.

Aqua, black, and silver?  Yes, please!

I hope you glean a little inspiration from these ideas and have yourself a sparkly, shiny, and Happy New Year! And thanks, Tammy, for letting me visit today!



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